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The disturbing "de-democratizing" patterns inside the country have profound consequences for the durability of the U.S. partnership with Russia. In the United States, our democratic society is built upon the rule of law and a set of core beliefs which are derived from our Bill of Rights. Among these are the freedom of religion, protection from unreasonable search and seizure of personal property, and freedom of speech.

What is troubling is that there are dark forces at work inside the Kremlin, many of which come from the FSB, the former KGB, who want to roll back freedoms within Russia, and in doing so, undo much of the democratic progress made since the fall of Communism.

These actions represent a dangerous turn of events, and many believe that these issues indicate that Russia is at a turning point -- one that can follow the path to a real democracy or return to a police state. At risk are no less than fundamental human rights in the country, the viability of Russia as an economic partner to the U.S. and the national security interests of the United States.

Warning Signs within Russia:











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